Leaner, meaner, and more intense than traditional fitness bootcamps

Let's face it, in today's life, we need to optimize what we do-including our time spent toward fitness and conditioning. IMPACT is designed to meet just that need! IMPACT incorporates advanced training principles used by top athletes and models and structures it into a fun and productive small group workout you can enjoy and see quick results from. IMPACT is much more than "just" a workout though, it’s a complete lifestyle fitness program designed to get you fitter faster and to keep you healthier longer!  In fact, IMPACT is designed as an all inclusive lifestyle fitness program which is meant to be continued month after month as your source for ultimate fitness. 

Enhanced athletic performance is the basis for the training session design; improved quality of life is the basis for the IMPACT PROGRAM. Our cutting edge program design technique will leave you exhilaratingly exhausted and yet invigorated for your day!! Our methods will challenge the newbie to fitness as well as the fittest of the fit! Those who invest themselves entirely into all the program offerings will see the most dramatic results month to month.

Anyone who has tried to get healthy on his or her own knows what a difficult and even lonely process it can be. Exercise and diet are difficult in and of themselves, but with no built-in encouragement or accountability, its all the more challenging to find the motivation to get into shape. That’s why I am seeking to offer fitness-seeking individuals a solution, when I unveil my IMPACT group training classes this fall.

Different from any other fitness program in the area, the IMPACT program is based on a radical conception of what true “fitness” actually entails. As a result, it is calibrated by myself and my team to be uniquely effective fusion of exercise, nutrition, and empowerment, leading to more of a “lifestyle overhaul” than “a workout as usual.”

The programs innovation is reflected in its intensity. Lasting only a month, with group sessions taking up just three or four hours a week, the IMPACT program projects maximum effectiveness in a relatively short span of time. My staff and I will do weekly weigh-ins that will help clients realize just how much progress they are making. And while the narrow time frame means the classes themselves are rigorous, clients will find the fitness rewards to more than outweigh the rigors.

Classes are scheduled to begin the first Monday of each month. The program offers a fitness “bootcamp” that thrives on the camaraderie and shared encouragement that come from working out in a group, but also includes the expertise of experienced trainers. I am a NASM certified instructor and have been personal training for over 15 years now and I am excited to be branching out into group exercise classes. There are many benefits to working out in a group, such as accountability that comes with it. You can push each other and motivate one another to succeed in a way that you obviously can’t have if you’re working out by yourself.

But this program is not just about exercise per se. It is really about a lifestyle overhaul. Exercise alone isnt going to do it, though its obviously a big part of it. This program is about empowering people to change the way they live and ultimatley to be healthier and smarter about the choices they make.

IMPACT training sessions certainly follow this model. The class is a one-month commitment, with hour long workout sessions three to four days a week. There is also a nutrition seminar and class overview that is a vital part of it. In addition a bi-monthly newsletter about “empowering and then re-empowering you if you start to feel burnt out.” The newsletter contains healthy recipes and also inspiring articles about weight loss and physical fitness.

I hope the program will be attractive to those who are serious about losing weight and getting healthy, but feel daunted by the prospect pf personal training. The program combines the best of both worlds-the professional know-how of a fitness expert, but also the accountability of a group workout session. Month-long classes are being held the beginning of January and I hope to continue them indefinitely from there. Space is limited, however, and word of the programs unorthodox but effective nature is spreading. So residents of Houston, Texas and surrounding areas are encouraged to call as soon as possible and reserve their place in this revolutionary, lifestyle-altering program.

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Eat According To Your Metabolic Type

Over the last two decades, we’ve witnessed an extraordinary nutrition revolution here in the U.S. Yet in this time the health of Americans has declined greatly. Obesity, cancer, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, digestive maladies, chronic fatigue – all these problems have reached epidemic proportions.

Our poor health is a direct result of serious dietary deficiencies and imbalances. These problems persist because we have lacked the technology necessary to evaluate and correct nutritional problems on a case-by-case basis. Dietary solutions need to be tailored to individuals, because what works for one person may have no effect on another person, and may make a third person worse.

But that technology is here at last in the form of Metabolic Type Testing. Now you can look and feel far better than you ever thought possible. Contact us if you’d like more information on Metabolic Typing, the nutritional science for the next millennium. It’s the solution you’ve been waiting for!



Read what some of our satisfied clients have said!

“When I first met Carlos and started Metabolic Typing, I was very impressed. He is a mind reader! I knew if I stuck to it I would see the results I was hoping for. My butt is not slapping the back of my thighs anymore; I don’t know that my thighs or rear have ever had the muscle tone they have now."

Connie L

“I have been on lots of diet and workout plans. The idea that everyone has a specific body type that different diets and exercises work with makes sense. Also the "diet" was not all that restrictive, normal healthy food.”

Melissa S

“Metabolic Typing addresses the ‘total package’ – exercise, diet, supplements, and lifestyle choices.” “I have lost 30 pounds. I am stronger and have better muscle definition. I am less tired, and have less aches and pains.” I have more stamina, greater range of motion and am stronger over all. “My acid reflux is not as severe – the more weight I lose, the more it improves. “I used to have a lot of problems with sciatic pain when I sat or stood too long – that has gotten much better.”

Barbara B

“Metabolic Typing wasn’t a generic diet for everyone but rather a diet individually tailored based on my body type and then further personalized based on my life style and preferences.” “The workouts were a miracle. The things that hurt didn’t hurt anymore and my body began to get strong all over.”

Lucinda B

“I definitely have more muscle tone and better stamina. Overall I feel a lot stronger physically. Fortunately, my lower back pain has lessened measurably.”

Karis M

“My struggle has always been my food intake, I did not know right from wrong, so no matter how much I worked out, I really didn’t see the results, until I started eating right for my metabolic type”

Sara R