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As a leader in the fitness community it is my duty to bring the latest health information to my clients. I have spent many years researching the effects of nutrition on the human body. My work in fitness industry started over 10 years ago. Despite playing football at the collegiate professional levels, I learned little about the subject of nutrition and human performance. I thought that was odd since I wanted to teach my clients the fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle, while my lifestyle was anything but healthy. I then learned, If i wanted to be a great personal trainer and influence people to change their lifestyles, I had to practice what I preached!"

Personal training was great; however, many of my clients were not seeing the change they wanted. I knew there were underlying issues, but I couldn’t place what they were. By doing some research on nutrition individuality, I ran across a nutritional system that typed people according to their genetic nutritional requirements. The system is called “Metabolic Typing”

The roots of “Metabolic Typing” stem from the clinical studies of historical dentist Dr. Weston A Price. In the 1930′s, Price traveled across the world studying native diets of 14 different cultures. He noticed these cultures were very different in their approach to nutrition, yet all were healthy and had well maintained dental structures. He also noticed any native cultures that were inundated with a conventional diet had serious side effects, diseases, and even birth defects.

The questioned that arose was, “why shouldn’t cultures eat outside their nutritional requirements?” Everyone knows that an Eskimo can’t eat the same diet as a South Pacific Islander, and we also know individuals from the Scottish decent couldn’t survive on Indian cuisine, yet many of us still do not understand the nature of our own genetic nutritional requirements. With all the intermixing of genes in America, “Would it be possible to find out our pre-determined nutritional requirements?”

Years later there were discoveries showing that everyone’s metabolism is governed by the oxidative and autonomic nervous systems. These systems turned out to be the key to determining the right quantity of proteins, carbohydrates and fats a person would need in his or her diet. From this discovery, William Kelly & William Wolcott developed a system called Metabolic Typing. The system is not a test to see what portions of food you should eat, but an assessment system to give a perfect picture of what you should consume according to your genetic requirements.

With the Metabolic Typing program you will uncover the foods that will keep your body balanced, healthy, and strong. A balanced body can fight disease and give the sustained energy you need to complete your daily tasks. In the 1st step, you will take the Metabolic Typing Test to determine your nutritional type. After your type is determined we spend time fine tuning your nutrition by evaluating your blood type, insulin-glucagon balance (blood sugar), and circadian rhythm (hormonal release). You will even be given the exact vitamins and minerals your body requires.

The best part about this program is it’s affordable and only takes about 6-8 weeks to complete. If you have had questions about nutrition in the past or you are looking to improve your health, Metabolic Typing will give you a step in the right direction. Don’t let disease set in your body; get the help you need today. For more information about Metabolic Typing or to learn about our fitness program call Toll-Free 877-776-4348 or visit us online @


·         NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
·         NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
·         ACE Clinical Exercise Specialist
·         ACE Personal Trainer
·         ACE Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
·         Healthexcel Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor – CMTA Level 3 (Comprehensive)
·         Resist-A-Ball – C.O.R.E Certification
·         Red Cross Community First Aid and CPR
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-  The truth about weight loss.                                                   
-  Exercise dos and don’ts.
-  How to get in shape working 40+ hours a week. 
-  How to eat fat and loose fat.
-  The truth about cholesterol.
-  Metabolic Typing – The missing link to your heath.
-  Holistic health and nutrition – The natural way.
-  Supplements – Myths & Truths.
-  How to flatten your midsection, once and for all! 
-  Mind, Body, and Spirit – putting it all together
-  Lower stress, live longer.
-  Regulating your hormonal system.
-  Detoxifying your body, the right way.
-  Pain free forever
-  Getting younger through exercise, nutrition, and flexibility
-  Injury prevention for athletes and active people
-  What’s really in the foods we eat?
-  Priorities, how to find time for exercise.
-  Heath is Wealth!  The biggest investment you will ever make.
-  Reading food labels.
-  How to keep your New Years exercise/weight loss resolution!
-  7 reasons you’re still overweight.
-  Working smarter, not longer – 30 minute workouts that work. 
-  The proper way to train your abdominals.
-  Fitness programs to improve your golf game.
-  5 things you must do to become a better athlete.
-  Spirituality, religion and exercise – the absolute connection.
-  Customized nutrition – finding out what’s right for you.
-  Energy – How to get it, give it, and keep it!
-  Raising healthy children.
-  Coaching your kids, the right way. 

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Metabolic Typing

A better nutritional technology


The question “What should I eat?” may be the most important question in nutrition. The reason, pure and simple, is that there is no greater or more powerful influence on your health. Every once in a long while a group of scientist discover something truly revolutionary. Bill Wolcott is the world's leading authority on Metabolic Typing, a revolutionary dietary technologythat enables you to optimize your health and fitness by identifying your highly individualized nutritional needs and tailoring your diets accordingly

Unlike other current dietary approaches, Metabolic Typing uses multiple biochemical or metabolic indicators and identifies patterns among these variables that reveal how a person's system is genetically designed to digest, utilize or "process" specific foods and nutrients. When you eat, your food is digested into simple chemical substances. The nutrients from food are passed into your bloodstream where they are transported to each of every cell in your body. The nutrients are then assimilated into cells and through a specific chemical process they are oxidized for energy.

A good analogy is that your cells are like tiny “engines of metabolism” and the food you eat is the fuel on which each cell runs. Like an engine, your cells require the right fuel mixture of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals in order to function at full efficiency. This means that not only does your body need the right kind of fuel, but it must also get a fuel comprised of the right proportions of nutrients specific metabolic type. In order to reach optimal levels of health and fitness, you must consume the right foods in the right proportions.

When you consume foods that conflict with your individual metabolic type, or foods that contain nutrients that do not align with your metabolic requirements, your cells are unable to oxidize the food energy effectively. When your cells cannot use nutrient energy, it stores them as body fat. When you cells do not oxidize effectively, they can not detoxify. Cells that cannot detoxify become diseased. Eating habits that are inconsistent with your individual metabolic type lead not only to excess body fat and obesity, but can also create very serious health problems like organ failure, hypertension, heart disease and more.