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From a pure fitness training standpoint, the IMPACT Metabolic Makeover Bootcamp is the ultimate fitness hybrid!

It has the high energy, fun, and comaraderie of a Boot Camp class, the individualized attention of a Personal Training session (at a fraction of the cost!), and combines these with elements found in the world of athletic conditioning to make this unlike any other program available!

However, it is much more than just a fitness program!

With most fitness classes you show up, do the workout, and go home. The moment you leave the room is where the instructor’s job (and commitment to you) ends.

IMPACT, on the other hand, is a complete  lifestyle program integrating cutting edge fitness training, nutritional guidance, and ongoing support.

We are commited to helping you reach your highest level of fitness, to help you look and feel better, and improve the quality of your life in every way!

As a certified IMPACT instructor I will not only help you get the most out of each and every class, but I will be there to support you on an ongoing basis. I will help guide you to stay on track with your nutrition and answer any questions you may have at any time related to the program.

You’re commitment is to integrate the program into your life to the best of your ability. This is accomplished by attending the nutrition seminar, showing up to all of the classes, giving your best effort during each class, implementing the nutritional strategies (which are not a “diet” but more of an “approach” to taking control of your nutrition), and reaching out for guidance whenever you feel that you need support.

Together, we will help make a lasting IMPACT that will positively enhance your life!

The IMPACT program is based on a 3 workout cycle. As a “stand alone” fitness program, 3 days per week would be ideal (Mon-Weds-Fri).

However IMPACT may also be offered once or twice per week and used as part of an overall fitness program.

In any case, the program always follows the following three day workout cycle:

Day 1:Lower body emphasis

Day 2:Upper body emphasis

Day 3:Core emphasis.

However the whole body is getting worked to some degree during every workout.

The program is based on a 12 session cycle and no two exact workouts are repeated during a given cycle.

The basic workout format:

1. Warm-up: which is a variety of dynamic movements based on the primary area of focus (no static stretching)

2. Speed, Agility, and Quickness: a variety of movement oriented exercises that will enhance one’s performance while increasing caloric expenditure.

3. Strength: This segment will focus on a key body area (as mentioned above).

4. Endurance: This is essentially the cardio segment which utilizes a variety of conditioning modalities and techniques.

5. Stretch: this is where we focus on cooling down and creating flexibility in the areas that were worked during the overall workout.


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