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Supplementation gives your body the nutrients it needs without adding calories. It is virtually impossible to satisfy your body’s nutritional needs with the number of calories recommended to lose fat. In addition, due to a typically busy lifestyle, it is difficult to eat perfectly every day for the rest of your life. Therefore, when following a fitness program, muscles become undernourished, causing your body to shed the muscle it can’t feed. By supplying the body with the natural nutrients it needs without additional calories, (e.g., whole food nutrient complex), you can help satisfy all your nutritional needs for repair and growth without exceeding the amount of calories your body needs to maintain the mandatory deficit for fat loss.

The benefits of using supplements as low-calorie nutrition during an exercise program are well researched. The daily use of a whole food nutrient complex has been found to be the most inexpensive nutritional insurance

The reason behind adding supplements to your daily meals is to supply the body with calorie-free nutrition and select, all natural compounds that have the potential to improve health, alter body composition and increase performance and metabolic rate.

The Categories and Uses of Supplements

A whole food nutrient complex is the foundation of any complete fitness program. Additional vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids and antioxidants will boost your nutrient intake beyond what is available through the foods you eat. These additional nutrients allow cells to reach their potential creating the ideal environment for positive physical change. Taking other supplements before creating a nutritional foundation is like adding expensive accessories to a car that doesn’t run properly.

Altering Body Composition

It is difficult to get enough nutrients from your normal diet to support your fitness goals. Any time there is an increase in cellular activity, as during exercise, the body increases its use of nutrients. By supplying these nutrients without additional calories, the attempt is made to satisfy all nutrient needs for repair and growth without exceeding the amount of calories needed to sustain the mandatory deficit for fat loss. When undernourished, the body must shed the muscle it cannot feed.

Increasing Performance and Metabolism

Specific nutrients and combinations of nutrients have been found to improve exercise performance and increase the calories burned during and after exercise. Supplying the body with calorie-free nutrients can improve performance and, therefore, assist with fat-loss and muscle-gain goals.

Sensible supplementation is highly recommended in order to supply the body with the right combination of calorie-free nutrients and compounds that have the potential to enhance performance, reduce body fat, increase muscle and improve health. Proper supplementation creates the environment your body needs to get maximum results.

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What is Prograde Nutrition?

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Prograde Nutrition was started by two fitness professionals. Jim Labadie and Ryan Lee, who were fed up with the traditional nutritional products for their clients.

Before Prograde, there were essentially two choices for fitness professionals.

– “Vitamin” stores with pushy sales people selling products people don’t need

– Cheap supplements with poor quality ingredients

Jim and Ryan wanted to do something very simple…

Create the highest-quality nutritional supplements for their clients at reasonable prices – without hard-sell.

So the first thing they did was recruit world-class nutritionist Jayson Hunter (who Yun Strength and Fitness Systems has partnered with) to head up research and development. Then gave Jayson free reign to create the perfect supplements that work.

No fluff and no confusing, unnecessary “stacks.” Just the basics that will give their clients results – period!

Then Jim and Ryan did something unheard of.

To make sure there were no unqualified people recommending their products to people who don’t need it (just to make a buck), they took a big risk.

They decided only qualified health and fitness professionals could recommend Prograde products. That’s it.

So if you want only the highest quality nutritional supplements that really work – then you have found the right place in Prograde Nutrition.