Metabolic Typing Programs


Unlike standardized nutrition, metabolic typing addresses underlying biochemical imbalances on a case-by-case basis with a high degree of accuracy. Metabolic Typing® is a groundbreaking technology that takes the guesswork out of nutrition. It’s a system that you or anyone can use to rapidly cut through the abundance of confusing information and identify your own unique nutritional requirements.

  • Metabolic Typing ® Report
  • Extensive and highly specific metabolic type recommendations
  • Evaluation of significant Blocking Factors
  • Guidelines and recommendations for shopping and food preparation
  • Critical information and education regarding customizing macronutrient ratios to meals and snacks using Diet Check Records and Diet Symptom Journals
  • Sample menus for your type
  • Specific metabolic type supplements

Personal Training


Functional Fitness Training for Solos/Partners/Trios

  • Customized exercise programs targeting strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Nutrition coaching (optional)

60 minute sessions provide an individual program specific to your needs.

Maximize your time and your rate of progression, learn proper exercise technique and get motivated! I’ll create a program specific to your needs and goals and help you stay focused and on track.

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Age:    Height:  ft.   in.
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Fitness consultation


What is Metabolic Typing®?

  • MT is a testable, repeatable, and verifiable scientific nutrition methodology based on each person’s genetic dietary requirements.
  • MT assesses each person’s overall metabolic pattern by analyzing 11 Fundamental Homeostatic Control’s in order to provide a roadmap for how to eat.
  • The goal of MT is to eat right for your biochemical individuality.  This allows you to build and restore health at the cellular or functional level.
  • There are 3 main MT categories: Carb, Protein, and Balanced/Mixed Types. In truth, there are as many types as there are people. Everyone has to be worked with individually to understand their specific metabolic pattern.

How Is Metabolic Typing® Different Than Other Diet Plans?

  • Recognizes that we are biochemically unique: One man’s medicine is another’s poison
  • There is no one-size fits all approach. Foods themselves are not good or bad—it depends entirely on who is eating them and how the food in turn effects their FHC’s
  • Holistic, covers more than just diet alone (awareness, reducing blocking factors, quality of food, the right supplements). Balances 11 FHC’s

Benefits of Metabolic Typing®:

  • Improved health! MT is a way for people to restore proper energy levels, maintain a healthy weight, prevent disease, restore function and develop a more healthy relationship with food based on respect and a deeper understanding that food is our medicine.
  • Move beyond symptom reduction and into optimal health. Symptoms are examples of improper function. They don’t just “happen”: they develop over time when one or more systems aren’t functioning correctly (wrong macronutrients, wrong percentages of macronutrients, allergic foods, etc.)
  • Reduce compensations: MT is designed to give your body the raw materials it needs to produce energy correctly within the cell, detoxify waste, and regulate all its other systems.

Who Should Find Out Their Metabolic Type®?

  • Everyone! Absolutely every single person who follows Metabolic Typing® correctly benefits their health from a fundamental, cellular level.  It really is the only way to address nutrition properly.

I strongly recommend taking the test for yourself and start eating right for your unique needs!  As a Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, I can help you discover your Metabolic Type® and support you through your transition into optimal health.

Along with your Metabolic Typing® results, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive Diet Report
  • A Detailed, Color-Coded Food List
  • Sample Meal Plan
  • Shopping/Cooking Guidelines
  • Fine-Tuning Instructions
  • Customized Supplement Recommendations
  • One-on-one advising with Rebecca!
  • Access to a full set of 14 videos detailing your entire program